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The Broken Record Radio Show

The Broken Record Radio Show is weekly two-hour talk show originating from KBBF Radio in Santa Rosa, California.

Jun 13, 2019

Full Episode 6-10-19. In this episode, the gang discusses the merits of devoting your entire life to doing something you hate because you don't want to starve to death and all that comes of it is that someone who has more money than they could ever spend makes a little more money, and you get to buy a TV maybe,...

Jun 5, 2019

In this episode, we talk about The Kids These Days. Why are they so angry? It must be the iPhones.

Jun 1, 2019

Full Episode 05-24-19. In this episode, Broken Record and Fancy Fox talk. Like literally that's the episode. There's barely even topics. It's coo.