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The Broken Record Radio Show

The Broken Record Radio Show is weekly two-hour talk show originating from KBBF Radio in Santa Rosa, California.

Feb 23, 2021

Not-So-Full-Episode 2-22-21 - Recording malfunction again. But it was amazing. Sorry yall. -BR

Feb 16, 2021

Full Episode 2-15-21 - In this episode, we discuss Rojava, NYC Taxi Driver's labor dispute, Hulu, Amazon running out of your house with your PS5, dealing with your childhood oppression so you can then change the world, and cultural appropriation in other parts of the world.

Feb 9, 2021

Full Episode 02-08-21 - In this episode, we dive deep into some difficult feelings about the state of the world. Just a heads up, we discuss some pretty dark subjects about violence, systemic and interpersonal. But you know, it's still us, we didn't go anywhere. So if you can, join us. 

Feb 2, 2021

Full Episode 2-1-21 - In this episode, friend of the show Gustavo helps us understand what the stock market Even Is. Amanda reminds us why voting is a waste of time, and Sparkle talks about climate change hopelessness. Pieces we discussed: