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The Broken Record Radio Show

The Broken Record Radio Show is weekly two-hour talk show originating from KBBF Radio in Santa Rosa, California.

Jun 29, 2021

Full Episode 6-28-21 - Ok in this episode we talk about basically everything that's in the title BUT check this out, for this episode we had to do some after-show commentary which is available only to our PATREON SUPPORTERS! BLAOW!

Jun 22, 2021

Full Episode 6-21-21 - In this episode, Dave updates us on the torture of children in immigrant detention camps. Also, we finally have that conversation. 

Jun 15, 2021

Full Episode 6-14-21 - In this episode, we discuss Burma updates, history of Juneteenth, leadership, Brad Pitt, and Copwatch.

Jun 8, 2021

Full Episode 6-7-21 - In this episode, Amanda makes her fire interview debut with Brittany Dukes, an artist, organizer, and much, MUUUCH more. Also, we discuss, uh, just basically the things in the title. Check out Duke's work here:

Jun 1, 2021

Full Episode 5-31-21 - In this episode, we connect the themes of genocide from Canada, the US, slavery, Nazi Germany, the war on drugs, the KKK, the Tulsa riot, Jim Crow, Palestine....hold up this just sounds like a list of bad things. But just trust me, it's a really interesting analysis.